Booking FAQ


  • Do I really need to hire a band or professional DJ?

The proper selection of music and/or entertainment is one of the most important elements when planning a successful event.  The right or wrong music will make or break your event.  Unless you are a professional performing artist, acting as your own entertainment is a huge mistake that usually produces disastrous results.  A professional doesn’t just play music.  A professional knows how to read a crowd and can alter their performance, if necessary, to engage the audience.  This is a skill that is simply learned by experience.

  • Why should I use L. A. Rose Entertainment to hire a band or professional DJ?

The entertainment is the one element of any successful event that guests remember the most, and determines whether they were sad when it ended, or were happy to leave early.  The entertainment determines whether people stay until the last note or duck out early as soon as they have eaten.  One of the most important decisions you will be faced with to make your event a success is selecting the right band and/or professional DJ.  You will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your event, but if you hire the wrong entertainment, your event will most likely fizzle and die out early.  L. A. Rose Entertainment prescreens all of their talent and only works with experienced professionals.  We also know how to select the right talent to suit the theme and desired ambience of the event.  We are very experienced at planning events and will consult with you to design an entertainment package tailored specifically for your event.

  • Do you have entertainment available on the date of my event?

Saturday is the most heavily booked day of the month, followed by Friday.  If your event is on a Friday or Saturday, book your entertainment as soon as the date is set.  Holiday dates such as Halloween or Christmas season tend to get booked well in advance, sometimes even a year or more.  We will usually have entertainment available on any given date, but you may not get the precise entertainer you want if you wait too long to book them.  Popular bands and professional DJs are in demand and you are competing with a lot of other people for their time.  To avoid disappointment, secure your entertainment professional with us as soon as possible.

  • What type(s) of music do you have available?

Our bands and DJs can play all genres. If you want cocktail, dinner, jazz, country, rock, pop, folk, gospel, or hip hop, we have the artists. If you want a ballroom, swing, salsa or Latin dance party, we have experts in the field of dance music. If you want a 50’s sock hop, 70’s disco, or 80’s theme dance, we have the talent. If you want a spooky Halloween party, we have the artists and can bring the creep factor. You tell us what you need, and we’ll furnish the entertainment to bring your ideas to life.

  • Do you charge a flat fee per event or per hour?

Depending upon the type of entertainment and/or artist, we charge both ways.  It is usually more cost effective for the client to receive a flat-fee quote for the event, versus by the hour.  That way, if the events runs long, the fee does not change and the client is not worried by watching the clock if the event goes into overtime.  After all, our goal is to help you to enjoy your event, not have another detail to stress over.

  • What price range entertainers do you have available?

L. A. Rose Entertainment has entertainers that range from $75 per hour to $1,000 per hour. We work with a variety of artists and will design an entertainment package that will work within your budget. Price should not be your only determining factor when selecting entertainment for your event.  There are many other elements to consider.  Once we know what type of event you’re having and what type of entertainment you need, we’ll discuss the various options that are available to you.

  • Will the DJ or band leader just play music or also act as a Master of Ceremonies?

We work with a variety of artists and will select the appropriate artist(s) based upon your event.  Typically, band leaders do not serve as Masters of Ceremony because they can’t do that and play music at the same time.  We can design a package that would incorporate a band and a DJ for the ultimate party experience.  If you want a DJ with an outgoing personality that will act as a host and keep your party guests dancing all night, we know who to recommend.  If you are hosting an elegant affair and want a band or a DJ that will provide sophisticated background entertainment, we have the professionals to handle that request, also.

  • Do the bands or DJs just bring music equipment or lights, too?

If you desire a night club experience with lights, we have those available.  If you’re throwing a disco party, we’ll find a place for the mirrored ball.

  • Are your terms detailed in a written contract?

L.A. Rose Entertainment prepares a detailed contract for our customers that spells out the various elements of their event so that there are no misunderstandings. Our clients know what to expect, what is and is not provided, cancellation provisions, financial arrangements, contact information, etc.

  • Do you have backup provisions?

Although emergencies are rare, they do happen.  If you hire a band or DJ on your own and something happens and they become ill, have equipment failures or don’t show up, your event is doomed.  We have contingency plans, resources and will try to find someone to get your event back on track in the event of emergencies.  After all, entertainers travel constantly and flights can be cancelled, or any number of other circumstances can occur.   Hiring your entertainment with a company with more than one artist can help alleviate those potential consequences.

  • I want to book you.  What’s next?

Contact us for a consultation so that we can get to work on designing your entertainment package. Send an email to during normal business hours.  Your date will not be reserved until we receive a booking deposit and a signed agreement, so please contact us as soon as possible.  We look forward to working with you!

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