Mister Morphis

Paul Morphis performs under the name, Mister Morphis.  It is difficult to compare Mister Morphis’ talent to anyone because he is so unique.  Mister Morphis is one of a dying breed, that being a one-man band.  He plays guitar, bass, drums, keys, harmonica and sings (at the same time).  The amazing thing about Mister Morphis isn’t that he can simultaneously multi-task, but that he can do so with such skill.  Mister Morphis is truly gifted as a musician and his voice is wonderfully smooth like melted chocolate.  Here is a little sample of Mister Morphis performing his original song, Memphis Boogie.  Find Mr. Morphis on Facebook.

Mister Morphis primarily performs original material and upbeat covers and his unique sound appeals to a wide range of audiences.  His music appeals to fans of Americana, blues, country, folk, rock and gospel, as well as other genres.  Even though Mister Morphis is capable of playing all instruments by himself, he frequently collaborates with other musicians, vocalists and even dancers.

During the month of October, Mister Morphis morphs into “Monster Morphis, the Boogie Man“.  His Halloween shows book up months in advance, so if you want your Halloween party to be a standout, book Monster Morphis and his minions, as soon as your date is set.  Monster Morphis also performs with Evelle LeChat.

For booking and more information about Mister Morphis, please visit his website here:  Mister Morphis.

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