Actors – Bands – Comedians – Dancers – Models – Musicians – Singers — Whatever your talent is, we will help you develop, nurture and market it.

Our goal is to provide you clear and honest guidance to help you achieve your artistic dreams…They may be closer than you think.

Brand Enhancement

If you are a performing artist, nothing is more important that developing your brand and your image.  Your image is even more important than your talent.  There are millions of talented people that will  never succeed in their careers because they don’t know how to develop a positive image, market themselves properly, and attend to the many details of producing professional performances.  We understand the differences that separate amateurs from successful professionals.

We spend a lot of time with our artists getting to know them.  You will never be just a number or a client to us.  We need to know you to understand your target audience.  We will help you develop your brand so that you will be set apart from your competition.

Services to Artists

What do we do?  This is just a small sampling:

  • Copyright your music.
  • Distribute your music on our music label, L. A. Rose Music.
  • Market your music on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify and others.
  • Produce professional quality music and promotional videos.
  • Produce professional quality photos for marketing/album covers.
  • Evaluate your performance skills to see what areas may need improvement.
  • Find the proper coaches if required.
  • Assess your professional image to see what areas need improvement.  This includes appearance, demeanor, speaking ability, presentation and many other aspects.
  • Help you develop a look and style that will always make a positive impact and leave a memorable impression.
  • Improve brand recognition and/or brand image.
  • Work with you on your audition and/or interview skills.
  • Create and/or improve a website.
  • Create marketing and promotional materials.
  • Create or improve social media pages.
  • Write and submit press releases.
  • Create press kits.
  • Contact industry professionals.
  • Work with booking agents to get you more gigs.
  • Work with publicists to garner exposure.
  • Negotiate on your behalf.
  • Organize promotional and performance events.
  • Help you advance your career to the next level and beyond.

By looking better, feeling better and always conducting yourself in a professional manner, you cannot help but achieve a greater level of success no matter what field you are in.

We offer everything from a single analysis appointment to complete artist management services.  Artist management services are only offered to those with a standard of excellence who truly want to succeed.

We offer complimentary consultations and you have nothing to lose but missed opportunities.  Send an email to to schedule your appointment.

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