Price List

As every situation is unique, this price list is intended to serve as a guideline only, and prices are subject to change. Your prices may be higher or lower depending on your situation. Artists who are fully managed by L. A. Rose Entertainment receive up to a 50% (fifty percent) discount off of these prices.

  • Album cover design – $40 / hr.
  • Audio / Visual editing – varies (size / effects required, etc.)
  • Brand enhancement – $20 – $40 / hr.
  • Contract creation / negotiation – varies
  • Copyright original music compositions – $40 / hr.
  • CD release parties / events – varies
  • Distribute music on streaming platforms – $ 100 / album (up to 10 songs), plus $20 each additional song (on the L. A. Rose Music label) (add $100 if you would like your own music label to be created)
  • EPK (Electronic Press Kit) – varies
  • Event production services – varies (we can produce events from small intimate affairs to arena productions)
  • Event submissions to major advertising sites – $20 each
  • Graphic design for banners, brochures, business cards, event cards, flyers, hats, logos, promotional materials, stickers, T-shirts, etc. – $20 / hr.
  • Music video production – varies
  • Performance skills enhancement – $40 / hr.
  • Personal image enhancement – $40 / hr.
  • Photography / videography – varies
  • Press kit creation (physical documents) – varies
  • Press releases – $40 / hr.
  • Submissions to radio stations, film industry / TV companies – varies
  • Video production – varies
  • Website creation – $200 for the 1st page and $40 for each additional page (music and/or video editing is extra)
  • Website hosting – $5.99 per month (includes maintenance and updates)

Promotional Packages – We also offer complete packages that include the following (as required):

  • Album and/or Single(s)
  • Brand Creation
  • Business Cards
  • EPK
  • Logo Design
  • Photographs
  • Press Release
  • Professional Accounts on Relevant Sites
  • Publicity Merchandise (hats, stickers, T-shirts, etc.)
  • Social Media Pages
  • Studio Mixing / Recording
  • Video (Official)
  • Website Creation

The prices for the promotional packages will vary between $2,000 to $5,000 depending upon how much music is being recorded, how much studio time will be required, and how much publicity is desired. There are substantial discounts for purchasing a complete package versus purchasing services on an individual basis.

  • Entry-level package: This is for the new recording and/or performing artist. The package for an entry-level artist will include everything the artist needs to become established as a professional. It is important to create a consistent professional brand and image across all promotional platforms in the beginning stages of an artist’s career. The all-inclusive entry-level package will launch the artist’s career and provide a solid foundation upon which to grow as the artist attains recognition.
  • Amateur to professional package: This is for the artist who has been going it on their own, has been performing for a while and wants to transition from amateur to professional. The artist will have a complete makeover performed of all branding and image promotional materials and accounts, as well as bringing their performance skills up to competitive professional standards.
  • Established professional package: This is for the artist who has already attained a certain level of recognition or success and who wants to take their career to the upper echelons of success. This is impossible to quote without knowing a great deal about the artist’s current situation and ultimate goals. There is no goal that is unattainable. You can be the best in your field. You can sell out arenas. You can win multiple awards. Your dreams can become reality.
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